This gemstone can be green to light blue color. Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth, foresight, and clairaudience. It clears up confusion of thoughts This healing mineral can harmonize the pituitary gland and thyroid gland regulating hormone balance. This also great for the throat chakra and also for eye health, it can be laid on or off the body but can be placed right on the eye lids for improvement of sight. Aquamarine Calms autoimmune disorders and great to dissipate hay fever and allergies.
A wonder stone, the appearance of an underwater animal such as coral, but comes in a variety of colors white, pink, yellow, green or brown. Brown is the most common; it is a browny orange, rust color. It stabilizes spiritual developments that are moving too fast, it calms restlessness, brings flexibility in behaviors, stimulates muscular activity and strengthens the immune system and helps with digestive complaints, makes one feel good in one’s body, it can make you feel “whole.”
Apophyllite Pyramids can activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, making them more receptive to spiritual energies. This can enable one to receive visions and insights about current situations, personal or otherwise. Meditating with an Apophyllite Pyramid on the Third Eye Chakra can not only enhance one’s psychic visions and clairvoyance, but it can also promote structure and organization in daily life.
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Apophyllites magnify and energy the apex pyramid.
If your life constantly feels out of balance.
White Quartz with its gentle pink essence, is a stone.
£12 - £35.50
Agate promotes inner happiness, stability.
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Flower essences create a vibrational resonance within you to bring your emotional and spiritual center to alignment.

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£10 - £35.99
Agate promotes • Inner stability • Composure
The fair • lovely Rose • with its • Gentle pink essence
Agate promotes • Inner stability • Composure
£10 - £35.99

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“These impulsive souls try everything at once and grab with both hands. They want it all and they want it now, being the start of a new cycle.”

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“The vote tells you everything you need to know about this sign because she is defined by her values. But you never know until you know if she is a Marxist or capitalist.”

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“An artists dream. Catch the muses and write inspiring music, art and poetry. Blends into the landscape and receptive to the flow of inspiration from the collective.”

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      Neptune: Lost in La La Land

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      Become the transit or moon suffer

      Become the transit or moon suffer

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